Hanna's Golden Princess Kennel - Gáláns Ofra
Ofra hírek




I used to be afraid of dogs, until in 1995 I moved with my parents into a house with garden and I got the very first baby dog of my life. We all, became immediately attached to Aida, the cuty causasian shepherd dog. She was grown up with our cat, called Spotty Kate, a halfpersian beauty. While Aida turned into a beautiful Miss, with her 60 kilos, I digged into the secrets of dogs more and more. 

During my college years I also took the Faculty of Kinology on, and started to be involved into it. In the meantime Aida gave birth few little dogs. We kept one of them, called Alíz.


Alíz is 11 years old already. She is in good condition, and I hope from my bottom of my heart that she will also stay in this condition for longer time.

Our later got 2 cats, Lucifer and Borzi has left us in the meantime, unfortunately.




During my studies in Knilogy I got know Dr.Pórfy Tünde, one of our guest speakers. Later on our meeting determined the way, how we had choose a dog.

Years went by, when we decided with my partner to move into a house with garden, as I had such a desire to have a dog again in my life. We were thinking a lot, what kind of dog to choose. We both made a list with 10 different types of dogs, before we agreed to choose a Golden Retriever. 


Finally we had only to consider, who should be the breeder, whom we will buy our little dog. Then Dr.Pórfy Tünde’s name crossed my mind, and her kennel, called Galans kennel.

 From this point on it was an easy way to get Ofra. On the 18th of October, 2005 was born the litter, where we had chosen the One. We could visit the little newborns after their 4th week. I was watching them from week to week, really longing for the moment to take mine home.




It wasn’t a question to choose a bitch, but which one? Seeing our insecurity in this topic, Tünde helped us to take a final decision. We asked her to recommend us a calm, well-balanced dog. She told about Ofra being a very calm little dog, and that she will be good for exhibitions and work as well. That time I didn’t think about it. I only wanted to have a little darling for home.

 On the 11th of December we went directly from the airport to pick up Ofra. At home everything was prepared for her arrival. She is still with us; she is a little bit older than 4 years at the moment. Frankly I can tell you, we really got a new family member with her. Everybody, who knows us, would like to come to us to live as a dog. It should be honestly told that Ofra has such a luxury life with us. But she deserves it!




One more story: On the very first show of Ofra we met Erd?s Kati and Laci, in Gödöll?. They recommended the camp in Debrecen, where mainly retrievers are trained for hunting. 

Our first summer camp was a nice experience, as dogs can be taught only by the person, who is also trained for how to train. It means, even Ofra was willing to follow the commands, I didn’t know how and what to ask her to do. Nowadays I feel much more confident, though I still have to learn a lot and we don’t miss any camp organised for retrievers.





I have to mention one other name, who taught Ofra for obedience. Her name is Belényi Bea. 

I ’ve been learnt a lot about my dog from her. Thank you