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Extraordinary news! - 22.02.2013

New kennel name was chosen, which can be associated with a brand new website:


23/06/2012 - WERE BORN!!! 

Detailed information about the puppies daily update on facebook here:



2012th June 23 on the day 61st of gestation were born Lexus Earl Grey and Hanna's Agile Golden Princess Amelie "Milla" puppies! Eight male and two female puppies were born! The mother and the puppies are very well!

04/06/2012. - 42. Day / 6. week

Today we went to Milla with ultrasound and certainly six, but probably eight puppies grow in it. All right, nice and big babies. Millus 32.7 kg now!
We're looking forward to the puppies, even three weeks!!!

05.25.2012 - Hanna's Golden Princess A-litter was 3 years old 

Szépségeim Tappancstorta Funny

05.22.2012 - Milla is pregnant!!! Puppies come to Lexus!

The puppies will be born around 25th of June 2012!

Sire: ICH Multi CH, Multi Winner, Multi GRCH Lexus Grey Earl

( ICH Rus CH MolCH Pol CH Sahib Norsken * ICH Rus CH RKF CH NRC CH Anyuta iz Sosnovogo Bora)

Dam: HJCH Hanna's Golden Princess Agile Amelie

(ICH HCH ÖCH Dewmist Sandoliano * HCH, HGRCH Gáláns Ofra)

Planned litter pedigree here: k9data.com/pedigree.asp

12.05.2012 - Working Test Szigetköz 

I traveled with Miral to Dunasziget to attend a nice environment at workingtest, criticized by British judges. All 4 task, including a water transferring. The 2 and 4 task Miral was brilliantly executed, the third  task I had to use the whistle, so I deducted a few points. The water problem but also a challenge for us.  I learned that this case is very strong Back to send the dog and do not allow catchup. Finally managed to solve the task, but once we got the minimum point. 16 called E-class dogs were 11 finished the race. We were 10th became good rated 85/120 points. 16 dogs was only 3 the golden retriever and  only two was showlines! So I guess I be justly proud of the 37kg, two weeks was cured of Babesia, full coated Admiralis, in 35 degrees so performed!

Mirál el?reküldés közben Mirál Sikeres feladat-végrehajtás után felszabadultan

Bírók: John Drury (GB) és Stan Tweedy (GB)

04.21-25.2012 - Denmark, visit to LEXUS GREY EARL

With Milla started a long trip. We went to Denmark for the groom. 2522 kilometer journey this was for two. Trip was really fun but very tiring as well. Became acquainted with Earl, who once again impressed me! Beautiful appearance, 43 kg of muscle and a fantastic character Master dog. A real Russian prince!

A 3"Hab" leány Lexus Grey Earl Lexus Grey Earl

Aboute Earl detail on the puppies will be read soon. There are many beautiful photo seen Earl:


In the meantime, detailed information on the side of Russian breender in: http://sunnykennel.ru/en/golden-retrivery/lexus-grey-earl-golden-retriver/

Lexus is currently in Denmark, the Fiddle-de-Dees kennel here: http://www.bricksite.com/fiddlededees/lexus-grey-erl

14-15.04.2012 Indija CACIB and Ruma CAC (Serbia), as well as Kalocsa CAC

What a weekend! Hanna Golden Princess Admiral's "Miral" Champion of Serbia! Ofra and Miral are a nice trip to Serbia couple of friends traveled two-day dog show. Admiral won the open class on both days, that he is Serbian Champion! Ofi in champion class on both days Res CAC.

Sunday came with me Milla to Kalocsa exhibition, where open class excellent 1, CAC certification obtained.

Ofi and Mirál handled by Péter Barák  and Zsuzsanna Sáfrány, thanks to them! The cosmetics of the dogs did ANDRÉ Dog Beauty, Andrea Demeter thank you very much!

Admiális Ofra Millus

Hot News!

Milla letters sorts of aspects at last!! We are preparing for the matting. If all goes well, then June 25 is expected to arrive the puppies!

01.04.2012 - Working Test Gödöll?

In a very rich experience days are over. I called with Mirál his first test of working. 12 entered dogs started in Novice class. The first task of our staff in a TV set, then the task is made ​​after an interview with me. Once I was over this shock, and a further two tasks, the last fourth task more surprises for me in fate, or rather Admiral! The task was to mark a double leg work. The second nomination marked the dog for too long, and I happened to find something that you would like to be brought to me. But it was not a dummy! Dear pet is a wild piece of leg bone of a surprise. If this passes, you will fail. Therefore I had to get the dog to spit it out. Two meters from me could not reach it, and send back the dummy! This experience was a success in itself, but in terms of scoring tragic! Thus we were able to finish the race, we qualified. 9th we finished. Judges: László Eszli and Zsolt Török


25.03.2012 - Cegléd CAC

HCH HGRCH Gáláns Ofra in champion class excellent 1, CAC, Judge: Attila Czeglédi, Handler: Péter Barák

Ofika Ofika Ofika

Judging: 6.5 years old, well built, not excessive, having a very well proportioned, good substance female. Very nice, classic head. Strong neck, full, good, tight shoulders, high strain. Nicely edited hind legs, good static balance. Good movement. The dog is too early light, but very nice, typical specimens.

14-18.03.2012 - Hunting Dog Camp Hajdúszoboszló

With Mirál networking was to prepare.The big guy a lot, worked correctly. The end is very tired, you have repeatedly failed. But what they have learned it well done. Overall I am satisfied with it!

Mirál Mirál Mirál

03.03.2012 - Working test Sopron - Ágfalva

First Workingtest started with Milla. The goal was that we go through the exercises, no not reset it! That did it!. 4 task was. The second task Millus looked a bit, so there we lost a lot of points, but the dummy done, it could continue on to the competition. The remaining task is relatively went smoothly, although Milla did not itself compared to the peak. But do not give up, will be better next time! All 15 dogs competed in this class, of which 11 dogs were considered. Score based on certification to good (59/80 points), this 9th place was just enough! It was instructive to competition.Thanks for the pictures Lalinak! Judges: Stefaan Bollen (B) and Böszörményi Andrea.

Milla az els? fealadtnál Milla a 4.  feladatnál

2012. február 25. - Word exam training with Olivér Király and László Erd?s

The new workingregulations practiced through the tasks. The dog was a genius, I'm less!

Milla a légszimatos keresés után Vonalhajtásban

2012. február 19. - Working Teszt tréning Török Zsolttal

Szuper volt ez a nap! Köszönöm nektek fiúk-lányok! Nagyon büszke vagyok a kutyáimra! Zsolti neked külön köszönet, a fantasztikus feladatokért! Miki, Gábor köszönjük a fotókat!

Milla Mirál Ofi

2012. február 16-18. - FEHOVA CAC, Vadász CAC, Champion of Champion show és CACIB kiállítás

Milla mindhárom nap nagyon népes mez?nyben indult a nyílt szukák között. Els? nap 10 induló közül, a másik két nap 7 induló közül lett kit?n? 4. A Champion of Champion Show-on viszont learattuk a babérokat és Milla megnyerte a 2011. évi Champion of Champion címet! Admirálist csak a Vadászkutya kiállításra neveztem, ? kit?n? 2. lett és Res CAC címet szerezett! A CACIB kiállításon megkértem Gecsei Gabit, hogy vezesse fel Millust. Köszönöm a segítségét és Barák Péternek a szuper fotókat!

Millus Milluskám Mirálka

Nyertünk Milla

2012. február 04. - Havas tréning Török Zsolttal

-10 fok és napsütés! Szuper volt! A tréning után kipróbáltuk az új hámokat, amiket anyukám varrt! Szépek voltak benne a kutyusok!

Milluska Mirál Szánhúzók

2012. január 22. - Kacsavadászat Admirálissal

Admirálissal vadkacsavadászaton jártunk. Nekem és neki is, élete els? kacsavadászata volt! Nagyon élveztük mindeketten. Vadászaink összesen 74 vadkacsát l?ttek terítékre, ebb?l Mirál 11-et hozott be. Hozzátenném, hogy a befagyott tóban lév? lékbe egyedül ? ment be.

Mirál Mirál Mirál

2012. január 21. - Séta Brúnó tesónkkal a Gellérthegyen

CSajok Csapat: Ofra, Milla, Mirál, Brúnó, Goldi és XIV. Lajos Brúnó és Mirál

2012. január 15. - Séta a Normafán, majd pózolás a kamerának

Mirál a bottal Milla a trónon Ofra

Padon ülve

2012. január 12. - Tréning a januári tavaszban Török Zsolttal

Izgalmas kihívás fényképez?géppel a kezemben irányítani a kutyáimat, de legalább van benne kihívás!

Együtt Milluska Mirál